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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are effective solutions for stopping the progression of tooth decay and prolong your overall dental health for years. Dental sealants involve a simple and quick procedure performed by your dentist that utilizes a tooth-colored acrylic coating. The coating is applied to the tooth and seals any grooves or damage caused by daily use. This acts as a protective barrier shielding the area from plaque and acids. Dental sealants are also great for preventing food particles from being lodged into depressions in the tooth where standard dental care routines such as brushing and flossing can’t reach.

Dental sealants are easy to apply and typically takes a few minutes for a dental specialist to complete. Sealants are reliable and generally hold well under the force of standard chewing. Typically, with proper care, dental sealants can last years before a return visit is needed for reapplication.

Dental Sealants are a great dental solution to fight early tooth decay and protect the natural tooth from further damage.

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