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Dental Checkup

Having a routine schedule for dental checkups will help keep your teeth and gums free of inflammation, decay, and tooth loss. It becomes easier to follow a routine if you aim to get a dental checkup near you as visiting will seem less like a chore.

The Importance of Hygiene

Oral hygiene is key to removing bacteria found in the mouth. Bacterial buildup can harden, forming tartar and lead to long-term dental complications including gingivitis and periodontitis.

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Importance of Dental Examinations

Professional dental examinations allow dentists the opportunity to properly evaluate the current state of your dental routine and provide any additional suggestions for improvement in future care. Dental examinations also allow doctors to properly clean any potential problem spots before any serious dental problems arise.

How Frequently Should you Schedule An Examination

Standard practice suggests scheduling dental examinations once every six months. However, each individual is different, so it is important to talk to your dental team to decide how often you should schedule your examinations. Factors that would promote more frequent dental visits include smoking and genetic susceptibility to tooth and root decay as well as gum disease.

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What Happens During A Dental Examination

A standard dental exam involves thorough teeth cleaning. Cleanings are performed to remove stains and tartar deposits. These items are more difficult to remove than standard plaque and require the assistance of professional equipment to properly clean. Additionally, dental inspections are also performed to check for signs of gum disease or decay.

In order to provide a more detailed summary of overall oral health, X-rays may be taken. Once completed, your dental care provider will provide you with suggestions on how to improve your dental routine to improve your oral health in the future.

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How Do You Properly Prepare For a Dental Examination?

The best way to prepare for a dental examination at this Los Angeles dental office is to practice good dental care at home. Start by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing your teeth at least once a day. To get the best results, be sure to clean your teeth prior to your dental examination. Dental examinations involve a thorough cleaning, however prior cleaning allows for additional attention to be given to difficult-to-clean areas. To ensure a long-lasting and healthy smile, do not be embarrassed about your oral cleaning habits. Your doctor will work with you to improve your habits and ensure your dental health. Be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment at the end of your dental examination.


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