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Porcelain Veeners

Porcelain veneers are the perfect solution to help improve the aesthetics of your smile. Whether you want to repair a chipped tooth, or you just want to get some work done on your teeth, Porcelain veneers are the perfect solution for you!

Porcelain veneers are ceramic frames that are bonded to the surface of the tooth. The procedure is a simple and quick solution to fix stains, chips and crooked teeth. Veneers help diminish any previous insecurities you may have had with your smile and will help you regain confidence.

Once the veneer is secured to the natural tooth, it requires little maintenance and effectively looks and acts like your natural tooth. Porcelain veneers are also highly resistant to coffee, tea, and cigarette stains. Even after continued use, porcelain veneers will maintain their natural healthy white aesthetic. It is important to note that in certain circumstances, light can shine through the veneer and the original color of the tooth will become visible.

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The veneer treatment process typically involves several steps:

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